During the month of June, all customers that have not ordered from Label and Print Technologies (in the previous 12 months) may have all the origination costs (relative to print plates and new die) discounted up to 100%. This offer is subject to conditions below:

  1. Promotion applies to Wine label customers only.
  2. Discount applies to one variant, per different size.
  3. The label invoice amount must exceed the origination costs.
  4. If point 3 is not met, then the maximum discount offered is only the value of the label invoice amount.
    Example 1: Label invoice amount = R2 500.00   Origination costs = R3 500.00  Then customer only needs to pay R2 500 + R1 000  = R3 500 (ie 71% origination cost is discounted)
    Example 2: Label invoice amount = R5 000.00   Origination costs = R3 500.00  Then customer only needs to pay R5 000.00 (100% origination cost is discounted)

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